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Tattoos By Travis



Travis Popp is the owner and founder of Savage Kat tattoo Company, and has been tattooing since 2008. Throughout his career in tattooing Travis worked at a total of 12 tattoo shops. This experience allowed him to see many different ways to operate within the industry, and utilize the specific attributes he found to be most effective while creating Savage Kat Tattoo Co. SKTC is the third tattoo location that Travis has founded in his career, following the unfortunate destruction of his two previous, Hidden Entity Tattoo and Body Piercing 2016 and Hidden Entity Tattoo and Body Piercing 2018.

Throughout his career in tattooing Travis has worked at a dozen tattoo shops, operating in multiple states. Travis has always had a deep creative drive, and as a result has explored many facets of his own artistic ability. Painting, airbrushing, and building Kustom cars and motorcycles are just a few of activities he enjoys outside of tattooing. Travis’s tattoo work is meticulous. He frequently utilizes freehand drawing when mapping out his pieces, ensuring that his designs are tailored to his clients anatomy. If it ain’t Kustom it ain't finished! Travis is proficient in multiple styles and has tattooed everything from American traditional to trash polka. He loves to challenge himself, and is always focused on pushing himself artistically. If you're looking for an artist that is willing to take his time crafting a high quality and personalized piece, Travis may be the artist for you!

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