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Tattoos By Camilo

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Camilo Mendoza, an up and coming artist at Savage Kat Tattoo Co, has always enjoyed expressing himself creatively. Camilo’s earliest recollection of art comes from letters he received as a child while his father was in prison, the envelopes of which were covered in his fathers hand drawings. While his mothers received envelopes with roses, and hearts with banners, Camilo’s envelopes were covered with classic religious imagery, cartoons, and Dragon ball z characters. Seeing his father express himself through art inspired Camilo to follow suit. Ever since then, his passion has remained true and has made him explore different mediums. Before he started his apprenticeship, Camilo had a 9 to 5, where like many others, the only objective was to pay the bills. His spare time was always taken up by filling up sketchbooks, customizing old furniture, skate decks or whatever he could find. In 2019 he decided that it was time to take his life in a direction that allowed him to pursue his passion for tattooing. He began his apprenticeship at Hidden Entity under the mentorship of Travis Popp and will be going into his first year of tattooing in 2022. Camilo is eager to try all styles of tattooing, and to take on projects that will help him advance his technical ability. With the support of his mentor to guide him, Camilo looks forward to working with clients on their unique designs, and to learn so he can proudly say he has put his mark in the craft that has changed his life.

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